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Warrior Beasts Master Boshak/ Tengkorak Bodyguard Figure (LOW STOCK)

$40.00 / Sold Out

Master Boshak.. The vile leader to the evil Slimes of Jalldoon. With the Staff of Tengko, he is able to manipulate and control the armies of skull headed Tengkorak Bodyguards. These warriors are a terrifying force that posses great strength and resistance to pain. There are many stories about these soldiers, but the most recent is that they have caused much trouble on their home world. How and why they’ve joined up with the worst of the Warrior Beasts is to be seen… TWO FIGURES IN ONE!!

MASTER BOSHAK comes with:

* Zoloworld Interchangeable Body
* Interchangeable MASTER BOSHAK Head
* Interchangeable Tengkorak Bodyguard Head
* Removable Armor
* Staff Of Tengko
* Artwork Backer card (art by Chris Faccone)
* Scarcely Limited Rampageo Industries Exclusive