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Captain Kandross Figure

$75.00 / Sold Out

"Leader of the Kung-Los Empire, Captain Kadross and the crew of his Capitol Ship the Gluttonous Instinct were sucked to Jalldoon while returning from a raid on a Khanian Settlement millions of years ago in the history of the Galaxy. Landing on Jalldoon one hundred and fifty-three years ago by the Jalldoonian Calendar. These warlike beasts made their home inside an ancient pyramid housed in the Nothern Asylum of Jalldoon until the appearance of the Evil Witch and her promises of freedom. Now let loose of the magical barriers locking him in the north Captain Kandross joins Braon Dracktholme in the quest to free the Witch so she may conquer all of Jalldoon."

Each figure comes with 

1 figure featuring 3D printed appendages, and armor over a production Zoloworld core. Skin features gloss coating while armor and accessories feature matte coating. 

1 Ball jointed tail featuring "figure grabbing action feature" 

1 Blaster Rifle Accessory 

1 Sword Accessory 

Each figure comes on a TEWOJ card nestled inside a collector friendly Zoloworld protective case.