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Master of Disguise Prince Algor Figure

$50.00 / Coming Soon

Each figure includes:
1 Full production Prince Algor figure (including the NEW purple head)
2 Three Production Realm of the Underworld heads (Krysis,Acromancer (overworld), Ulysses) in purple
3 Removable 3D printed bandolier/sheathe
4 Royal Slime Sword 3D printed accessory (fits in sheathe)
5 TEWOJ packaging including bio printout.

Beyond changing shape from a simple Slime to a muscular beefcake, Prince Algor can also take on the form of other beings he encounters in his adventures. This ability comes in handy when infiltrating or avoiding detection. Algor is able to be someone he’s seen or create all new people at will. Armed with the Royal Slime Sword Algor’s adventures make use of this ability often.